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The future of Rallying is green with climatepostive

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We’ve challenged ourselves to do more to offset our carbon footprint, and to do it faster. We’re working with ClimatePositive, an assured environmental company, to measure and offset our entire 2022 carbon emissions, and implement plans to reduce emissions moving forward. Together, we can do our part to make Rallying a greener Motorsport and to show our commitment to the future of the Rally Community.

What does this mean for you?

As a car enthusiast, you probably love your car to bits and probably use it for your everyday transportation. As mentioned in the video, reversing climate change effects is only something that we can succeed on as a collective action, now if we were able to do it, you can do it too!

Therefore, getting this car badge will help you:

  • Counterbalance your cars carbon impact which means reversing climate change effects
  • Offset 25% more than your car emits which means going beyond carbon neutral and turning climatepositive
  • Get annually audited carbon impact calculations by PwC which means having the right impact
  • Support the best of climate action with environmental projects that benefit your planet and its communities
Reviewed on December 17th, 2021
“I have solar panels on my roof, I recycle obsessively, I’ve cut my meat consumption, I use eco cleaning products, etc. I genuinely care about this stuff and want to do my bit. But I really really like fast cars, therefore I chose ClimatePositive to offset the last bit of emissions coming from my car. Reduce, rethink, recycle and offset the rest!”
-Louise E.

Some of the projects you and us


Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project is located in a 64,000-hectare forest on the southern coast of Borneo and is avoiding nearly 130 million tonnes of carbon emissions. It is the world’s largest initiative to protect and preserve High Conservation Value (HCV), lowland tropical peat swamp forests — one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.

BuildOn Solar Learning Center

The ClimatePositive-build on partnership is a passion project for both organizations, cooperating to create truly impactful change. It brings solar- powered technology to light up children’s schools. making them available for evening adult literacy programs.


Paradigm Kenya Clean Cookstoves

The project intends to help Kenyans access healthy, energy-saving cookstoves and water treatment products. In order to reach a wide range of Kenyans with the most appropriate technology, the project leverages carbon finance to support the sale distribution of stoves to household and institutions.

Get the Ruairi10

By getting your badge with the rally team, you get a very special 10% on your badge plus free shipping. Enter Ruairi10 at checkout to benefit from this one. It’s just for you and only available here!

‘With ClimatePositive, we help fund emission reduction projects that avoid and absorb carbon in the atmosphere.’

climate positivescb

Thanks to your contribution, ClimatePositive supports a variety of environmental projects. You can help fund UN-certified climate actions that reduce carbon emissions, poverty, hunger and inequalities.

A small part of that contribution is used to cover operational costs and spreading the word . Everything you help fund goes towards a shared vision: a ClimatePositive world

“ClimatePositive are offsetting all of my Team’s emmissions surrounding the British Rally Championship. Our team is going beyond carbon neutrality and adding 25% more emissions to become climate positive.” -Ruairi Bell

Join the Team and support the future